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(Dames Kef, 5. 11. 2019 17:55)

Depending on the layout of the house and the wishes of the customer to the design can be used marching, slanting, screw, combined and other types of glass stairs. Floating is a relatively simple type of stairs straight or curved designs, the essential element of which is the presence of the inclined series of steps and connecting them stairs (respectively rectangular or semicircular shape). The most common type of stairway has a slope of 30-45°. In such a ladder, the biomechanics of a person who moves up or down it is taken into account as much as possible. The advantage of the design of the flight stairs-the maximum strength with a minimum number of connections. For attaching stairs to the Bolza is used the same type of hinged plates boltov that is a metal fastener, which is used for sequential mounting steps. Stairs can be straight or winder. This type of ladder design allows you to make the mount almost invisible in connection with what has gained great popularity among designers. But, despite the "visual lightness", these stairs are able to withstand heavy loads, in particular, in cases where the design of the stairs is enhanced by a combination with a braid, bowstring or wall mount. In terms of design and construction, the combined staircases are characterized by a free spatial configuration, in which the elements of the staircases are combined with various spiral (screw) structures. Most modular and small stairs are also combined. Combined glass stairs-a vivid example of architectural construction in the style of "eclecticism" - the direction in which an arbitrary combination of styles, designs and materials is used. They are original engineering and artistic solutions. To perform such complex work requires the joint work of the architect and designer and, of course, a high level of professionalism of the installation team


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(kámoš, 21. 10. 2019 10:50)

Už se nám to blíží!!!


(Host, 4. 9. 2019 21:06)

Tato hospoda jde pěkně do prdele..je vidět ,že paní majitelka už na to sere...

Re: Konec

(pejřimovská, 13. 9. 2019 10:33)

Děkujeme za váš názor.Paní majitelka na to ne.... a hrdina by se podepsal.